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Stages Map

Module 1 24minMarketing Module  
Unit 1 Understand the need
Unit 2 Ideate and explore possibilities
Unit 3 Prototype solutions
Unit 4 Evaluate prototypes and ideas
Module 1 Business Model Innovation  
Unit 1 Customer Segments
Unit 2 Value proposition
Unit 3 Channels
Unit 4 Customer Relations
Unit 5 Revenue Streams
Unit 6 Key Resources
Unit 7 Key Activities
Unit 8 Key Partners
Unit 9 Cost Structures
Module 1 SME track  
Unit 1 Setting up a strategy
Unit 2 Leadership skills
Unit 3 Developing your next innovation
Unit 4 Building the right team
Unit 5 Launching campaigns
Unit 6 Sales skills
Unit 7 Legal documents
Unit 8 Financial statements
Unit 9 Project implementation
Unit 10 Customer service plan
Unit 11 Talking to funders
Module 1 Negotiation  
Unit 1 Negotiations overview
Unit 2 5 Big NOs to avoid during negotiations
Unit 3 4 Traps to escape during a negotiation
Unit 4 5 Pillars negotiations can’t work without
Module 1 Sales Methodologies  
Unit 1 Gaining Prospects
Unit 2 Qualifications
Unit 3 Sales Funnel
Unit 4 Closing your Sale
Module 1 24- minutes accounting  
Unit 1 Accounting Department Structure
Unit 2 Accounting System
Unit 3 Auditing
Unit 4 Revenue Recognition
Module 1 Digital Marketing1  
Unit 1 Digital Marketing Plan
Unit 2 Key marketing metrics
Unit 3 Search Engine Optimization
Unit 4 Content Marketing Strategy

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Team Cards Flipper

Shaker Zainal

Strategic Advisory, Leadership, Business growth strategies, Risk Management, Industry exposure

Team Cards Flipper

Fadil Hasbany

Corporate banking, Financial advisory and business development, Strategic financial planning, Industry Exposure

Team Cards Flipper

Abdulla Al Hamed

SME business financial planning and management, Risks Management, Credit Analysis

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