EDB Non-Financial Services AJMS – EDB Non-Financial Services

EDB and AJMS have partnered to support small farmers based in the UAE. Through this collaboration, farmers have the option to:

  • Apply for financial support at EDB and access special low-cost services to evaluate their projects

  • Request a feasibility study to be conducted on their farm(s) at a very competitive rate

  • The detailed study will help farmers to understand the current and future position of the farm, make informed decisions and enhances the project success

  • Greenfield vs Brownfield considerations

  • Farming model and technique as suitable for the Country and the area.

  • Technical analysis

  • Feasibility Analysis and assessment of assumptions

  • Operational analysis

  • Past performance of farm

  • Risk Analysis

  • Considerations and recommendations

  • Buyer contracts and market feasibility of the produce

  • Farm technology & tools used

  • Site-visit (if required)

EDB and AJMS have joined forces to assist micro and small-scale farmers in the UAE. This partnership offers farmers the opportunity to seek financial assistance from EDB and benefit from specialized, cost-effective services to assess their projects. Farmers can opt for a comprehensive feasibility study by AJMS of their farm(s) at an competitive rate. This detailed analysis empowers farmers to gain insights into their farm's present and future prospects, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and elevate project success. (Terms and conditions applied)

To avail these services, farmers can follow these steps:

  • Either call or apply at EDB for agritech product loan for farm modernization via https://edb.gov.ae/solutions/agritech-loans

  • Provide necessary details and information about the project or farm(s).

  • Work with EDB Business lab and AJMS experts to evaluate the project or conduct the feasibility study.

  • Make informed decisions based on the findings to project success.


AJMS Group, led by Dr. Abhishek Jajoo, offers specialized consulting services in Strategy, Tax, Risk, Compliance, IFRS advisory, Distress advisory, and Digital Transformation. With headquarters in the UAE and a presence in 14 cities across 10 countries, AJMS comprises over 400 professionals with diverse backgrounds in banking, regulation, auditing, and law. Their expertise enables informed decision-making for business growth, risk management, regulatory compliance, and revenue optimization.

Website: https://www.ajmsglobal.com