EDB Non-Financial Services Prestige Advocates and Legal Consultants – EDB Non-Financial Services

The Firm is committed to delivering top-notch legal services to the EDB Business Lab users:

  1. Legal Consultancy:

- Expert advice on various legal matters concerning businesses.

  1. Business Support:

- Assistance in tracking small business entities to ensure legal compliance.

- Drafting and reviewing contracts to minimize associated business risks.

- Full legal support in diverse business activities including energy, health, renewable energy, technology, and more.

  1. Litigation Services:

- Comprehensive legal services for litigations, including dispute resolution through arbitration or mediation across competent jurisdictions, both national and international.

The firm is pleased to offer startup companies with complimentary 30-minute consultation, along with a one-time 15% discount on the final quotation per customer.

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Prestige Advocates & Legal Consultants, a distinguished Law Firm with extensive experience in providing comprehensive legal services to businesses in the UAE and the region. Founded by Dr. Ali Ismail Al-Jarman, the firm has evolved into a leading force, boasting over 50 professionals and attorneys from diverse backgrounds. Recognized for its excellence, Prestige caters to major commercial entities, including some of the world's largest brands, over 12 local banks, various real estate companies, and multinational corporations spanning different industries. With offices strategically located in Dubai and Sharjah, Prestige ensures thorough coverage across all Courts, Arbitration Centers, and Police Stations throughout the Emirates.

For more information please visit https://www.prestigeadvocates.com/